Wind Lidars manufacturers

Wind Lidars manufacturers Wind Lidars manufacturers Wind Lidars manufacturers


Wind Lidars manufacturers Production Introduction 聽 The Lidar Wind Speed is already widely used in all phases of a wind project. The Lidar technology has made significant progress in the last decade in becoming a widely accepted source of accurate data to support resource assessment and thus, wind farm developments. The remote sensing lidars are embraced because the measurement data is accurate, reliable and bankable. The deployment and maintenance is easy and of low cost, popular in different application scenarios, especially when applied in wind industry for wind resource assessment. 聽 Product Features 聽 (1) An eye-safe all-fiber Coherent Doppler Lidar for remote wind sensing; (2) Measurement accuracy up to 0.1m/s, compliant with IEC 61400-12-1 standards;飩?br (3) Verified by authorities such as Germany WindGuard, DNV_GL, China General Certification, China Meteorological Agency, SGS; (4) Compact in size, low in weight and low in power consumption; (5) Flexible deployment solutions - electrical power, solar power, wind power or fuel cell power supply. 聽 Product Applications 聽 Onshore and Offshore Wind Energy 鈥?Accurate Wind Resource Assessment 鈥?Power Performance Verification 鈥?Bankable Data to Reduce Fund Risk 鈥?Power Curve Assessment and Prediction 鈥?Site Selection and Feasibility Study 鈥?Offshore Virtual Met Tower 聽Wind Lidars manufacturers website:

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