What’s The Keyboard Shortcut For Strikethrough?

A strikethrough is a text formatting effect that creates a horizontal line through the text's center, similar to bold and underlining. Here we tell about how to strikethrough using keyboard shortcuts in a few simple steps.


Do you know how to cross out a written section in your ongoing or completed project or assignment? Or are you aware of using a shortcut key for crossing out displayed content? If not, then with this article, you will gain adequate knowledge about this word strikethrough shortcut key.

What Is A Strikethrough Shortcut Key?

Strikethrough is a word editing shortcut key available in the Microsoft Office Suite and it is used for crossing out a written text to make it inappropriate in a specific sentence and highlight the crossed content. You can use a strikethrough keyboard shortcut to edit, remove, or change the displayed content to indicate that the content is being edited.

How to Use the Strikethrough Shortcut Key?

The strikethrough shortcut is accessible to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Here, you will learn how to use a keyboard shortcut for strikethrough.

Microsoft Word

1. Shortcut Method 1

  • for a Mac – Cmd + shift + X
  • for a PC – ALT + H+ 4

2.  Shortcut Method 2

For a PC 

  • Superscript – Alt + P
  • Small Caps – Alt + A
  • Double Strikethrough – Alt + L
  • All Caps – Alt + A
  • Hidden – Alt + H

Microsoft Powerpoint

  • for a PC – ALT + H+4
  • for a Mac – Command + T

Microsoft Excel

  • for a PC – ctrl + 5 or ALT + K
  • Subscript – ALT + B
  • Superscript – ALT + E

For using strikethrough on  Google Docs

  • Ctrl + shift + X (on a PC)
  • Cmd + Shift + X( on a Mac)
  • for formatting cells on Mac – Control + 1