Biometric Authentication & Identification Market

Global biometric authentication & identification market 2020 boasted array of opportunities and profited when the Coronavirus ripped through the world economy and financial markets. Now the market is approaching towards the positive side and expects to rise at a considerable CAGR durin


Biometric Authentication Identification Market Insight


Global biometric authentication identification market 2020 boasted array of opportunities and profited when the Coronavirus ripped through the world economy and financial markets. Now the market is approaching towards the positive side and expects to rise at a considerable CAGR during the forecast period (2016-2027). Market Research Future has accumulated the information in its latest reports observing COVID 19 situation. Organizations such as DHS (Homeland Security), mounting adoption of biometric authentication in banking and healthcare sector (e-banking and mobile payments) and surged security convenience for consumers have ensured the fast growth of the Biometric industry.

Top Impacting Factors

The Global biometric authentication identification market is increasing owing to chiefly growing investment by the public sector in e-Governance and an enhanced number of opportunities created by partnerships between tech and biometric companies, says MRFR’s report. Sophisticated technologies such as IoT, along with Smartphones and the occurrence of mobile biometrics have been the core drivers of biometric identity authentication demand. Border management is acknowledged as an area likely to compel market expansion in the estimated period to meet equipped efficiency and customer experience goals.

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In fact, rapid developments in e-commerce, blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are enabling biometric vendors to innovate and make the most of superior biometrics demand consistently, finds MRFR, in a prepared report. Therefore, there is a possibility to be a spurt in the number of partnerships between biometric vendors and emerging technology companies in the coming years that will fruitfully boost valuations in the biometric authentication identification market.

Investments by governments have also been a significant source of revenue for biometric vendors globally. The intensifying implementation and adoption of biometric border management, e-passports, and facial surveillance in cross-border applications are expanding the market for biometric technologies and biometric authentication identification market, especially for fingerprint and face noted MRFR. Also, growth in biometric hardware such as access body-worn cameras, control equipment, and surveillance cameras will drive global revenues from hardware alone to $19 billion, according to MRFR Research.

To take advantage of opportunities in the growing market in coming years, biometric vendors will have to come up with behavioural and multimodal biometrics technologies, enter tactical partnerships with vendors to make sure their solutions are in line with biometric authentication identification demands, as well as make Biometric-as-a-Service available for government and commercial applications.

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Biometric Authentication Identification Market Leading Segments

While COVID-19 pandemic continues to cripple, the study of the Global biometric authentication identification market is conducted through segments— modality, motility, application.

The modality segment includes classification of biometric systems, market statistics, and multimodal biometric systems.

The segment of motility includes fixed and mobile.

The segment of application includes banking and financial institutions, enterprise, consumer electronics, government, healthcare, retail and commerce.

Biometric Authentication Identification Market Leading Regions

Regionally, Asia-Pacific will experience the highest growth owing to surged government spending on biometric-authorized applications, thus will boost Global biometric authentication identification market in future.

North America led the global biometric authentication identification market with the largest market share, accounting millions and is expected to grow over the exiting value by 2027.

The European market for biometric authentication identification is likely to inflate at elevated GAGR.


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Top Market Players

The top players that are involved in Global Biometric Authentication Identification market are Anviz Global, 3M Cogent, Aware INC, Apple INC, Cognitec Systems, Bio-Key International INC, Diamond Fortress Technologies, Crossmatch Technologies, Fujitsu Global, Fingerprint Cards AB,  and Synaptics INC.