WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic Best Hunter Pet Guide

It also hosts the Alliance capital city Ironforge and the Horde capital of Undercity. Light's Hope Chapel serves as the primary travel hub. The area also features a large lake called Darrowmere Lake. This polluted water body is infested with maggots, oozes and plaguebears.


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Hunters can have one pet out at a time* and can call it from their bar. Feeding your pet increases its happiness; happier pets do more damage.




Wolves are powerful, confident hunters. Their long legs, deep but narrow chest, and large canine teeth equip them well for life on the move. They have keen senses and pursue prey at speeds up to 60 km (37 miles) per hour.


Wolves can be found in many places, and some are even tamable. They can be taught to attack on command, and their paws can be used to debuff enemies with Corrosive Acid Spit.


The wolf is an excellent choice for a hunter, especially one that wants to play a Survival Hunter early on in Wrath of the Lich King. This spec is great for PvE and raiding because of its exceptional base damage. Once a hunter is geared, it can switch to Fury for the best DPS. A wolf can provide excellent AoE damage, too, with the ability to cast Bestial Wrath and Kill Command. Its cleave attack is also a good way to deal high damage over time.




For players who enjoy feline pets, the cat is a solid choice. They do decent damage and can often crit, but they aren't quite as good as a raptor in terms of overall DPS. They also benefit from the hunter talent Cobra Reflexes, which boosts pet dps.


Another advantage of the cat is their ability to pull mobs towards them over a wide distance using the attack ability. The mobs will then follow the pet and attack it, rather than attacking the player.


As of WoW 4.1.0, all tamed pets will immediately be at the same level as their Hunter. This means they will gain happiness much faster, and will not despawn if their Hunter master dies. However, the happiness of a pet is still affected by its owner's hit and critical ratings. Players should try to keep their pets happy, as unhappy pets deal less damage. The happiness of a pet can be restored by feeding it.If you visit this website, you can get more and more wotlk classic gold on the internet platform.




A clefthoof is both a hunter’s most treasured prize and worst nightmare all rolled into one. They are massive beasts that clatter the ground with their footsteps and can take down an entire orc clan with one headbutt. They can also be found in large groups and are a major threat to any hunters that venture too close to them.


This pet is a tank, and as such is very strong in BM. Its roar does significant damage, while its Blood of the Rhino ability grants all party and raid members 10% Leech and increases their haste by 30%. It is the best tank pet for BM Hunters.


Since Patch 4.1.0, a hunter’s pets no longer gain their own experience and only level when the player levels. They also no longer gain happiness when they feed. This is to prevent hunters from “tanking” mobs and pulling in additional mobs that they and their group are not prepared for, which would be a horrible way to end a raid or PvP match.


Spirit Beast


The Spirit Beast is one of the new pets that Beastmaster Hunters can tame in Wrath of the Lich King. It is a rare level 76 elite creature that can be found at random locations throughout Sholazar Basin. The Spirit Beast can be tamed by casting a Freezing Trap nearby and then following the standard hunter pet taming process.


A Spirit Beast is a highly intelligent pet that can act independently of the Hunter, making it ideal for soloing and group PvE content. It can also provide a valuable healing buff with its ability to cast Spirit Mend on the player, which is useful if you find yourself low on health and no longer have bandages or food available.


Wolves are the preferred DPS pet of many hunters due to their Furious Howl buff, which boosts the hunter’s damage by a substantial amount. However, the Spirit Beast has its own advantages with a variety of unique abilities that can enhance your DPS.


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