The President's Nine Contracts

He shouted this twice in one breath, and the troops below immediately retreated like the tide. Adric rode forward and came to the bottom of the hall


Facing him, she seemed to be used to glaring at each other, but now she was so calm that she was not used to it. Li Tianzhan did not seem to hear that, simply ignored her, immersed in their own world covered by ice water, let her be a spectator. Wen Qing knew that so many things had happened between them that she could not go back to the past in a few words, so she endured, tried to lower her posture, put down her stubborn temper, and wanted to communicate with him calmly! Although, the situation at the moment is a little awkward. "That.." I want to talk to you, okay? Holding her breath, she almost pricked up her ears to distinguish the dripping sound of the water, for fear of missing a bit of his voice. Yan Yi Ma Ga Ye However, Li Tianzhan still had no response, as if her existence could no longer interfere with any of his emotions, and he continued to scrub his body in front of her without hesitation. Wen Qing is a little anxious! She had imagined all the confrontations with him, but she had not expected that it would be so embarrassing! He turned a blind eye to her and stirred up the most panicky corner of her heart. What happened to him? The last look he gave her was the one a month ago when she lost her dignity in front of him. He was so angry and cold that day. He said, "Don't regret this decision!"! But she regretted it now, she regretted it long ago! This month, she thought a lot, perhaps there are things she did not think through, but the only clear, is that she is more firm in her original determination! She was sincere, unrepentant and willing to make up for everything she owed him, including her feelings, because in her heart, she had never forgotten any memory of him over the years! But what happened today? That one Did you hear that? I really want to talk to you. Calm.. Talk about.. She spoke to him again, her broken voice still swallowed up by the sound of the water, still unable to arouse any reaction from him! She tried to speak a little louder and said again, "Will you stop?"! I want to talk to you.. Li.. The word Tian Zhan suddenly pulled the string of pain in her heart and was swallowed into her lips, but she didn't shout it out! But unexpectedly, no matter how many times she shouted, and then stood in the doorway like a fool,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, watching him take a bath, looking at his perfect body, but did not get any response from him! Suddenly, she puffed out her cheeks and shouted, "Hey!"! Li Tianzhan, you bastard, did you hear that?! She thought that by provoking him, she could elicit a reaction from him. But unexpectedly, he still turned a deaf ear and did not respond to her roar. When she was a madman, directing and acting alone, he was flawless. His unresponsive behavior made her panic! The bottom of my heart is covered by a huge layer of panic. She's starting to get it. I know why he disappeared quietly for a month. Heart inexplicably throbbing pain, his neglect of her, the original will be more desperate than he tortured her! At least, Li Tianzhan, who humiliated her in every way, was vigorous and vigorous! Instead of being as dead as it is at the moment! There was a tear in the corner of her eye, and she looked up, Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale ,Serum Bottle With Dropper, trying not to let the tears fall! With a deep breath, she began to pull open the invisible zipper around her waist, peel off the little wedding dress on her body, and then take off her underpants, just like that. Into the icy water being sprayed! He hugged his tall body from behind! Finally, she couldn't help sobbing, pressing her chest against his back, her abdomen against his buttocks, her arms around his body, and her skin against his skin without even leaving a friction gap! She hugged him hard, very hard, which forced him to stop taking a shower! With the tears flowing down from the head, she suddenly cried in the ice water, and could not help calling out the name she had loved most, "Zhan.." Zhan, Zhan, Zhan.. Over and over again! Clinging to his cheek behind him, listening carefully to his breathing and heartbeat, she dared not move, so tightly hugged him, afraid that he would turn a blind eye to her as he had just done, when she was the air, did not give her any reaction! She suddenly rushed in naked, really made Li Tianzhan a little surprised! She suddenly hugged him from behind, and he paused for a few seconds without moving. He could clearly feel the softness and tenderness from behind, the warmth of her skin, and the trembling body of her low sobbing. Finally, after stopping for a minute, he closed his eyes and felt the softness, opened his eyes again, reached out and turned off the water. For a moment, the sound of running water suddenly stopped! There was only a shivering silence in the world, and a faint, steady breathing sound, flowing in the spacious bathroom. Wen Qing closed her eyes, still clinging to him, even if the current stopped, she still refused to let go, she was afraid. Afraid of holding him in his arms, once he lets go, he will be farther and farther away from her. Silence for a long time, she dare not speak again! In this way, quietly from behind to embrace his lean body, even if his whole body of cold will still let her can not help but tremble! Finally, the man who was embraced by her could no longer ignore her existence and said in a deep voice: "Let go!" Simple two words, he is like this, in a calm tone, repeated again, "let go-open!" "No!" Wen Qing's heart clenched tightly and her head shook like a rattle. He repeated it, and she repeated it N times! No, I won't! I won't let go! I won't let go even if I'm killed! Even if he would do something harmful to her again, she would not let go! 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