Three realms

The senior inspector laughed and said,heavy duty metal racks, I'm sorry, you've all suffered. Bao Zhan said, "I don't know if I can find Yang Yong's mother and let him meet before the execution.".


Suddenly, there was a kind of sadness in my heart that something I longed for was within reach but out of reach. There are many more monsters in Temple Square than in Tianmo Valley Square. I can't destroy them all by my own strength. I looked at the decreasing elixir, and the inexplicable emotions in my heart suddenly disappeared. I put away my feelings and thought about how to rush inside at the least cost by giving up the hard work. The entrance to the lobby is on the opposite side of the square, and in the middle is a huge square crowded with demons and demons. Even without the monster, it would take me a few minutes to get to the opposite side. Breaking through is a dead end, and the only way to survive is to outwit. Suddenly, I thought of seventy-two kinds of changes. When I think about it, I immediately turn into a demon. At the same time, in order to be on the safe side, I also turned the golden bell into a golden bell cover to protect my body, in case I was seen through and ended up with ten thousand swords piercing my heart. Carefully, I slowly squeezed my way through the gap-free monster, stopping to catch my breath at every step, for fear that the demons around me would suddenly attack. Becoming a demon made me walk all the way to the middle of the square before I was accidentally seen through. It was a moment of carelessness that I accidentally bumped into a demon and immediately showed my true self. Fortunately, I made timely preparations, and Jin Ling helped me block most of the attacks before I hid my figure. After that, I was more cautious. Because of my previous experience, I know that in this place, the same trick can only be used once. Because now I'm dealing with the "system" that made it here, and it will record and analyze all the tricks I used once. So this time,asrs warehouse, I became the devil. Hey hey, I don't want to become a demon. It's so cool. When the devil sees me, he will take the initiative to retreat a certain distance. In a short time, I safely crossed the temple square and entered the temple of the demon king. But the Temple of the Demon King is not the last place, because I saw another entrance opposite. If there is no monster in the big temple of the Demon King, there are only five statues of the Demon King in five places in the center of the southeast and west back. I know. I'm in trouble now. In fact, I have no chance to win one-on-one with the devil, let alone the last one against five? And there is very little elixir left on my body now. I won't waste an elixir unless I have to. Although I still have dozens of life-saving elixirs and elixirs on my body,warehouse storage racks, they are left to the end. I don't know if hiding works on the demon king? I prayed silently in my heart. I hid my figure and walked slowly to a statue of the devil in the east. Close, close, the devil seems to have no response, no response. I went to the side of the Demon King, looked at the motionless Demon King, the corners of my mouth just showed a smirk, the Demon King suddenly came to life. TMM!!! I let out a low curse and flew back. A huge bolt of lightning followed me like a ghost, and with a bang, it hit me on the top of my head. The demon king grinned strangely, raised his finger to me and bent it. TMM, the devil will actually laugh, swindled!!! It must be "it"! Now I'm afraid I'm going to cry for my father and mother, because the other four devils came to life at this time and slowly surrounded me. Huge lightning beams covered the top of my head, and every time I split the golden bell, warehousing storage solutions ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, it would produce a violent vibration. It seemed that the golden bell could not protect me for long. Helplessly, I switched my equipment to the King of the World suit and became the Emperor of the World. I removed the golden bell and strung it around in the lightning grid, while sending out the divine power to the five demons. Although I know that for the devil, the success rate of the mind is extremely low, but the mind is one of my magic weapons to win. Sometimes I hide, sometimes I spin, but the mind has been unable to succeed, and the five demons are still full of lightning, as if they were willing to play hide-and-seek with me. Suddenly, I was quick-witted, and another plan came to my mind. Hey, hey, why don't you do it again? Thinking of this, I immediately set the last unset change to "Demon King". In a twinkling of an eye, six demon kings appeared in the temple of the demon king. Boy, it's all up to you now! The magic angel I summoned threw his buttocks and looked at me longingly. "Dizzy, brother, how do you initiate childe's temper to come at this time, what do you want to do on earth!"! Hey hey, I know what you want to come up with. Isn't it a ten-thousand-year mine? Only you helped me finish the task this time, and I will help you dig after you go out. What, you're gonna eat a diamond mine? Dizzy. All right, here's one.. No way? Those two.. Not even? How many do you want. This time, I kept increasing the number of diamond mines to fifty, and the magic angel squeaked in agreement. Whoo, whoo, my diamond.. With a bang, the magic angel suddenly let out a super loud fart after a big meal. Dizzy, can't you remind me? My ears are deafening! I was startled by the loud fart and jumped up three feet high, and my ears kept ringing for several minutes. Whoa, who cut me? A bolt of lightning hit me on the nose and woke me up from my coma. I almost forgot where I was? I looked up and around for a week, only to find that the five demons were all confused and attacking each other. If not now, when? After all, for the Demon King, the time of chaos is not long, and if I want to take advantage of such a short time to destroy them all, it is simply impossible. I smiled and got out of the temple of the Demon King. Finally see the light of day! Standing in the corridor of the temple, I shouted at the sunshine in my eyes. There you are! Ha ha, happy, happy! A very arrogant voice suddenly sounded in my ear, "Wisdom is honed in the fight with the master, I finally understand this truth, ha ha ha.." Who, who, who are you? Come on out! "I am the answer. As long as you walk through the corridor of time and space,industrial racking systems, you can enter the hall. I am waiting for you there." As soon as the voice fell, the sun above my head suddenly fell at a very fast speed, and the surroundings fell into endless darkness.

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