Ten Deadly Sins (Prequel 1, 2, 3, 4)

The senior inspector laughed and said,heavy duty metal racks, I'm sorry, you've all suffered. Bao Zhan said, "I don't know if I can find Yang Yong's mother and let him meet before the execution.".


"Brother Yong took the knife, touched the man, and started from the soft place.". I remember very clearly that he first removed the right arm, cut a few knives from the armpit, and could not remove it, so he stepped on the man's arm with his foot and broke it off. And then the left arm, the same way. Two legs were removed, and from the thigh root, a saw was used when the knife could not cut, and one of the saw blades was broken, and a hammer was used. I remove the skull, from the neck and skull junction, twist the head from the left to the right, circle. Ghost tip off the body, belly is spinning down, pull out the intestines ah what, there are blood vessels, can not pull open, take a knife to cut open. The ghost tip is crying while cutting. Finally, we all started to remove the ribs one by one. The knife was not easy to cut, and the hacksaw could not reach in, so we pulled down the ribs with our hands. In the end, there was only one backbone left, which was cut section by section with a knife. Later, I used the machine for fishing feed to break all those things. It took two weeks for the ghost tip to feed the fish. Of the nine people they killed,wire mesh decking, seven were destroyed in the same way by these dehumanizing murderers. The first time they committed murder and carjacking was four years ago. According to the way they had planned to commit the crime in advance, an accomplice found a suitable target at the intersection of the national highway, and then immediately informed Yang Yong with his mobile phone: It's over, black, alone, Benz. This is a code word, meaning to intercept this black Mercedes Benz, only one person in the car, suitable for attack. Yang Yong and other members of the criminal gang,cantilever racking system, wearing police uniforms, stopped the black Mercedes in front. Yang Yong saluted with a very standard posture. He said, "We are from the anti-drug team. We are conducting a routine inspection now. Please show me your ID.". Yang Yong had been a policeman and was familiar with the law enforcement behavior of the police. The driver could not see any flaws. After handing over his driver's license and driving license, Yang Yong's walkie-talkie rang. Another accomplice imitated the tone of the police and used the walkie-talkie to tell Yang Yong that there was a black Mercedes Benz suspected of drug trafficking with an unknown license plate number. When the driver heard this, Yang Yong politely said that he would take the car to the team for inspection, but the driver had no choice but to cooperate. Yang Yong handcuffed the driver, covered his head with a black plastic bag, pushed the driver to the stolen police van, and a group of people drove two cars back to the liquefied gas station. The whole process took less than ten minutes, without firing a shot, and a black Mercedes Benz was in hand. Their target is a valuable car, and when there is only one driver in the car, they will choose to do it. In four years, they robbed eight cars and squandered most of the stolen money. The rest was kept by him at the funeral home. Yang Yong told his accomplices that they would divide the stolen money after the property had accumulated to a certain extent. Yang Yong is very strict with this "team". The gesture of saluting in traffic jams must be very standard. In order to strengthen training, he even led his accomplices to intercept passing vehicles on the highway. At that time, it was only a drill, not a car robbery. Because of its "strict management" and high means of anti-detection, heavy duty cantilever racks ,heavy duty cantilever racks, Yang Yong and others escaped the investigation of the police again and again after a bloody case. This made him more and more bold, and eventually reached the level of arrogance to provoke the police. The victim, Ru Yi, was hijacked to the warehouse by this group of outlaws in the same way. Ru Yi was a divorced young woman. Yang Yong hated all divorced women. He felt that divorced women were shameless and so cruel that they were willing to leave their children. So, he let the ghost tip cut off the face of Ru Yi, but also cruel to let the children watch. At the time of cutting, in order not to let Ru Yi struggle violently and shout, the ghost tip gave Ru Yi drugs. Yang Yong did not kill Ru Yi's child, perhaps, he felt that the little boy in tears was his childhood. Ru Yi's face was cut off and she was in a coma. The ghost thought her face was too horrible, so he put a plastic bag on her head. Yang Yong and others mistakenly thought she was dead. This time, they did not choose to cut up the body to feed the fish, but threw the "body" at the gate of the Criminal Police Brigade. In addition to hating divorced women, Yang Yong also held a grudge against the leader of the Public Security Bureau who dismissed him from public office. "I don't believe they can catch me," Yang Yong said. Gui Jian said, Brother Yong, where is this child? Yang Yong said: "Also send to the police, the New Year, give them some gifts, let them have a good New Year.". "Is it too risky?" Said Kui Biao? Yang Yong said: If we embark on this road, we will be caught sooner or later, one day earlier and one day later. In fact, I want to leave here and do great things. Mourning Biao said, What's the big deal? Yang Yong said: "We have guns, we can kidnap.". Ghost tip said: kidnap who ah? "If we kidnap one of the people on the Hurun Rich List, we will make a fortune," Yang Yong said. Kui Biao said, "Hey, that's a good idea. Let's go to the south, to Hong Kong, and do great things after the New Year.". Face cutting case, known all over the city, Yang Yong's uncle as a policeman, out of an intuition, Yang Yong's uncle first suspected his nephew. So when the task force and the inspector visited his home, he deliberately blocked the family photo hanging on the wall. Bao Zhan developed this point and found Yang Yong's liquefied gas station according to the clues in the photos. Yang Yong hit and injured three members of the special task force and senior inspectors with his car, and then handcuffed them to the warehouse. Hualong took advantage of his unpreparedness, lifted the iron bed and smashed it into Yang Yong's head. Yang Yong fainted on the spot. Bao Chop kicked the lower part of the body of the ghost tip, which was seriously injured by the genitals covered with fish scales and fell to the ground screaming. Bao Chop fiercely sat down, sitting on the lower abdomen of the ghost tip, the body of the ghost tip straightened, the head tilted to one side to spit, the dirty things sprayed out drew an arc in the air, vomit fell on the ground, emitting a bad smell. He was hit twice in succession, and the ghost tip could not stand up. Although Bao Chop's hand was handcuffed, but his body could move, he adjusted his posture, searched out the key that the ghost tip put in his pants pocket, and opened his handcuffs. Yang Yong's Major Murder and Carjacking Case Solved, All Gang Members Were Arrested! Hualong and Bao Zhan were hospitalized with multiple injuries, and the leaders of the local government and the public security department expressed their condolences. Hualong said to the senior inspector, "Brother, I really envy you. You fainted as soon as you closed your eyes. The murderer was caught as soon as you opened your eyes.". The senior inspector laughed and said,heavy duty metal racks, I'm sorry, you've all suffered. Bao Zhan said, "I don't know if I can find Yang Yong's mother and let him meet before the execution.". jracking.com

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