The Super Red Name of Online Games

However, the matter has come to this point, and the girl has made a mistake unintentionally. God's will is like this. The girl need not feel uneasy any more.


"I told you!"! How can the reward of the hidden task be just a piece of black iron equipment? Hong Ming laughed. "It seems that the mane of the mythical beast can't run away." Red name net thinks of here, one how. The little skeleton hurried over and shouted anxiously, "Father!"! It's not good! The evil soldier giant's soul power decorates the curtain many, estimated that at most again three minutes will fall into the dormancy condition once more! "What?" Bai Qi was obviously taken aback, and his tone was a little more flustered. "How could it be so fast?"? Can't you extend it a little longer? The little skeleton shook his head, "Father, this time the soul power of the evil soldier giant was not filled, but we forced it to move, so its consumption was several times more than usual.". Now unless there is an evil spirit bead, there is no other way to keep it from falling into dormancy. "General!" Captain of Bai Qi's guards. That is, the skeleton messenger of betrayal hurriedly said: "You quickly take the young childe to go, subordinates wait here to hold the graveyard giant!" " Bai Qi smiled sadly. "Where are you going?"? Do you think Zhong'er and I can escape the pursuit of the giant in the graveyard without betraying the evil temple? The captain of the guards pointed to the red name, "General, the red name Shaoxia has an empty cavalry, and he can take you out of here!" The two spots of light in Bai Qi's eyes suddenly blossomed like flowers. He looked at the red name eagerly, but hesitated to speak. He regretted this in his heart. If he had known this earlier, he should not have been so rude to the red name. Now you have to rely on the red name to escape. This mouth is really a little difficult for him to open. Hong Ming sniggered in his heart. Now it's your turn to beg? Hey, if you had a better attitude just now,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, I would have reluctantly accepted your mane of a mythical beast and saved you. But since just now you even gave the order to leave, then this is not a matter that can be solved by the mane of a mythical beast. At the very least, the bone shield should be contributed, right? He pretended not to hear the captain of the guards, and looked out of the window at the battle, ignoring them at all. Cough! Bai Qi gave a dry cough and gave a deep salute to Hong Ming. "Hong Ming, Shaoxia,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, Bai has offended many people just now. Please forgive me, Shaoxia." Then he turned his hands over, one thumb thick. The glittering golden rope appeared in his hand. This is the mane of the mythical beast you just mentioned, Shaoxia. I found it by accident. If you can lend a helping hand again, I will give it to you, Shaoxia. The red name in the heart secretly scolds, "this white rises, also too did not go on the road.". Now he still wants to bargain with me. What I hate most about my brother is that this kind of chattering and fussy person is so annoying to him that he has to be squeezed dry today! With an evil smile, the red name snatched the mane of the mythical beast and looked at its attributes. Mane of the mythical beast: a medium level spiritual weapon. Wearing it on the body, it can increase the bow and arrow damage of the soul. Placed in the Jungle Hunter Workshop, it can increase the generation rate of Jungle Hunters and increase the archery power of all Jungle Hunters in the station. Hooray! Sure enough, it is the treasure of the jungle hunters! Attributes are so perverted! In particular, Ceramic Bobbin ,ceramic bobbin element, increasing the production rate of jungle hunters is more exciting than giving red names to ten naked beauties! You know, although Hongming Village has a "military order" to establish troops belonging to Hongming Society. However, the number of troops allowed by the military order is still limited. The "Jungle Hunter Workshop" and "Dwarf Miner Workshop" are auxiliary buildings, and there is no upper limit on the number of Jungle Hunters and Dwarf Miners! As long as you have enough money to support them, you can hire as many jungle hunters and dwarf miners as you want! (Of course, both Jungle Hunters and Dwarf Miners are limited in the number they produce per week.) Also, Jungle Hunters and Dwarf Miners are relative to the average old human hunter and human miner. Combat effectiveness upgrade grade, can be used as a regular army! Therefore, the mane of the mythical beast increases the attribute of the jungle hunter's production rate, which makes the red name cool to the sky! Moreover, it seems that the captain of the Jungle Hunter, Gru, said that Gesang, the "Hunting King", lost the treasure of the town clan in the cursed land in order to find another treasure of the town clan that had been lost for a long time. What is another treasure of the town clan? Will it also have the effect of increasing the production rate of jungle hunters? The red name carries the mane of the mythical beast like a golden rope. He wrapped it around his finger and nodded at the white. "Yes, that's what I'm looking for.". If you give it to me now. I promise you, get your son out of here. Red name this move is really too ruthless, not only to give him the mane of the mythical beast first, but also in exchange, only responsible for rescuing Bai Qi's son. He believed that even if Bai Qi was ruthless, he would not think about his son! Sure enough, although Bai Qi was so angry that his bones rattled all over his body, he still gnashed his teeth and said, "Good!"! The mane of this mythical beast belongs to you! I hope you will fulfill your promise! The red name smiled evilly. "No problem.". My Red Name Club is a gold-lettered signboard, and I have promised you. You can do it. Say that finish, hit the index finger into the mouth, hit a whistle, brush the ground, six ears riding on the body of a ghost flying wolf king flew in from the window. As soon as the six ears probed their claws, they carried Bai Zhong, the little skeleton of Bai Qi's son, to the back of the Flying Wolf King of the nether world, and performed smartly in the room, whirling and flying. Put me down! Put me down! Bai Zhong, the little skeleton, struggled desperately and shouted, "I won't go!"! I'm not going! I want to live or die with my father! The red name sniggers in the heart, has the small skeleton to work so hard "to help" not to be afraid that the white can fly out of our palm! "Go!" Bai Qi roared in a harsh voice. The red name said leisurely, "General Bai, we have to say yes.". I'm only responsible for getting your son out of here. But I'm not his protector. I may protect him all my life. In the future, if he wants to come back to avenge you,cordierite c520, and something happens to him, you can't count it on me. "General!" The captain of the guards also interjected intentionally or unintentionally, "You and the young childe should leave here with the Red Shaoxia!"! Otherwise. Who will take care of the young man in the future? 。

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