Shandan flower

Chu Yi originally wanted to feed it a few, but after shaking the gourd, it was empty. Then he tore a few silk to steam a cake again, soak in water soft,304 stainless steel wire, carry its mouth, laugh: "Do not have pill, you eat a thing.".


The work of dividing land and production was carried out vigorously in the whole brigade, and Yang Huwa's mood could not be happy. Over the past eight years, in order to build the whole brigade into the richest production brigade in the county, he ran loans, bought machines, purchased saplings, built water conservancy projects, leveled 800 mu of irrigated land, and realized mechanical farming. The annual income of 280 mu of forest farms and orchards is nearly 50000 yuan, and the first rural civil construction team in the county has been set up, forming nearly 2 million yuan of collective assets, and the per capita rations of members exceed 1000 Jin. Seeing a large area of machine-ploughed land divided into pieces and planted boundary stones, the tractor was useless. He wants to build a small town in Xichuan and build a new collective village for the commune members. The most painful thing is the forest farm and orchard. More than 10,000 apple and pear trees are in the high-yield period. How to divide them? Pruning and pest control are highly specialized, and fertilization and watering are exquisite, which will soon be destroyed after cutting. Sell it to a private person. Who can afford a forest farm worth 200,000 yuan! Even if bought, the area is large, the workload is heavy, and it is impossible to manage without 10 people. As a result, each tree in the forest farm is priced at 1 yuan, worth 50000 yuan, which is the price of a sapling, but still no one buys it. Yang Huwa says: "Sell paper mill to also sell 100 thousand yuan at least, is this account everybody calculates not to come?" "That's not what I mean.". This account everyone can calculate, such a good tree,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, who has the heart to sell to the paper mill! The whole family can't afford it, and they can't manage it. The old man Li Benshan said tremblingly. Yang Huwa said: "Today, there are people in all production teams. I would like to propose a way to contract the forest farm to 10 current management and protection personnel, and pay 20,000 yuan a year to deposit in the bank as a mutual aid fund for the whole brigade. If anyone has difficulties, the interest will be paid according to the bank interest rate of that year. The ownership belongs to everyone!"! Forest farms are sold to paper mills after aging. This money will always be used as our mutual fund to prevent old age, disease and poverty for future generations. What do you think? "Well thought out!"! That's a great idea! It means we have our own bank! I agree Everyone says that this method is feasible. It is necessary to set up a management organization, and finally decide that the brigade will take charge of it and publish the accounts every year. The civil engineering team of Xichuan Brigade is no less than the engineering team in the county. The lowest educational level of the young people in this brigade is primary school, while the workers in this construction team are all junior high school or above, and there are four civil technicians specially sent by Yang Huwa to Lanzhou for two years, who are qualified to build four-storey buildings. After the implementation of the contract system with remuneration linked to output, the team was not disbanded, and Yang Huwa, Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet ,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, the team leader, contracted the construction of five family buildings in the oil production brigade and completed the task in two years. Romy is retired. After the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, she was keenly aware that the country's economic structure would undergo tremendous changes, and with the increasing intensity of reform and opening up, the leverage of the market would become greater and greater. Juxiang also said: We are now in the initial stage of reform, and the economic structure should be diversified.At present, the country's commodity economy is very underdeveloped, and there is a lack of material basis for solving the problem of food and clothing in urban and rural areas.Developing commodity marketing is an inevitable process of accumulating primitive capital.Only when we have money in hand can we do more and bigger things. It should be the best choice to break through the new trend of market economy. So she went to Luo Mei's room and said, "Huwazi led the capital construction team of the brigade to contract the construction project of the residential building of the oil production brigade. This is the first step for the farmers in our county to take the lead in moving towards a market economy.". Be bold! You are retired, and I am also a vacant position as a researcher. At present, the warehouse of the Xichuan team cannot be operated. There is only one people's canteen and five official sales departments in the whole street. When it closes at six o'clock in the afternoon, there is no vitality in the street. This building is the most crowded at night, so it can't be closed at this time. I want us to take over and continue to do it, and we can't lose this business point that benefits the county. "We are really like the same mother, and we want to be together again!"! I am a restless person, and your eldest brother also wants to find something to do. Now is a chance for us two sisters to go back to the sea! Luo Mei said excitedly. I am thinking that in wartime, we can take up guns, in peacetime, we can take up pens, and in reform and opening up, we can also take up scales. Your family is a business family, and you are familiar with business, so why not do a big job? "I think we should start with the purchase of agricultural and sideline products, wool and cashmere. I am also familiar with the manufacturers in Guangzhou and Hebei. Ge Xin went to college. My body is still strong. It is no problem to work for him for several years." "The initial capital for acquisition is at least fifty or sixty thousand yuan.". I have a deposit of more than ten thousand yuan. If I operate it first, I will pay for it. I can't do nothing. No problem. Your eldest brother and I are retired, and you are about to retire. Let Xiaofang help first. You take care of the stall after work, and I run diplomacy. How about that? Of course that's good. First, rent a warehouse of the county agricultural subsidiary company, take over the loan stack of the Xichuan team, and then start business immediately. 'Good. You give us a business license first, rent a warehouse, and then I'll raise funds. Luo Mei went home to take out gold bars, exchanged 70000 yuan in cash in the bank, and listed in the warehouse of Xichuan Brigade. They bought 30,000 yuan worth of cashmere and wool, sent them to the Tianjin Woolen Mill, and bought back 100 sewing machines and 100 bicycles. They sent a truckload of other agricultural and sideline products to Guangzhou, and bought back a truckload of black sugar and chemical fiber textiles. These truckloads of goods caused a rush to buy in Huanxian County. These commodities in short supply were sold openly in the county town, and people lined up overnight after hearing the news and sold out in less than two days. Xiaofang was so tired that she couldn't get up in bed and her voice was hoarse. Juxiang called Cher and Lanwa to help stand in the store. Yang Haishan asked three young men in the village to help him buy it. Luo Mei ran back to Tianjin and Guangzhou several times, negotiated with the manufacturer, contacted by telephone, remitted money to deliver goods, and purchased materials to deliver goods at fixed points. Because of the good reputation,304 Stainless Steel Wire, there was no problem in the quality and quantity of the goods between the two sides. The goods from Huanxian County arrived at Xi'an by train, and the goods from other places were sent to Xi'an and then transported back. It not only saved freight, but also had a fast turnover. Even businessmen from surrounding counties also went to Huanxian County to purchase goods. It's cheaper than going to Xi'an to stock up.

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