Lingxiao Road

There are almost no unused houses, especially in cities. Use steel bars with good stretchability and seal them in magic concrete, which can strengthen the strength of the house and ensure the extensibility of the house at the same time.. Li Hengxin introduced the advantages of reinforced c


At that time, many creatures above the flood and famine had broken away from the influence of the three tribes of flood and famine! In the Taiyanggong emperor handsome too one at the moment also starts to come out the activity, above the earth, also may see the sorcery clan in twos and threes. Speaking of this sorcery clan, it is transformed by Pangu's essence and blood. It only practices, not cultivates the primordial spirit! So, the bigger the sorcery people are, the stronger they are! But in the sorcery clan above the big sorcery, can change into the ordinary person size! Therefore, this sorcery clan's appetite, is also quite big! Those who walk on the ground, those who fly in the sky, those who swim in the water, as long as they are not witches, that is all of them! However, if those who walk on the ground, fly in the sky, and swim in the water become spirits, they are demons! What this sorcery clan eats is not food, but the future of the demon clan! Therefore, when the two clans just appeared on the land of flood and famine, the two sides formed the cause and effect of endless death! Big Literature [Text Chapter 13 Qingshi Taoist Travels and Meets Qiangliang of the Witch Clan by Chance] (The Great Literature () As for the bluestone, it has been more than a thousand years since it received the Three Thousand Road from Haotian. Suddenly, Qingshi opened his eyes and said with a faint sigh, "Three thousand roads are really vast!"! It's just, Tao Wuji. Is it the number of three thousand? Said, looking at his left hand. There was a mass of chaos suspended above the left hand. The bluestone looked helplessly at the chaos and thought, "Pan Gu is really a man who has got the Tao. He can create the world without the way of chaos. It's just a pity!" Thinking of this,industrial racking systems, he said to himself, "Even with the help of the purple gas, I don't know when my chaos will really evolve!" It turned out that the chaos in the left hand of the bluestone was the product of his slight enlightenment when he realized the three thousand roads. Although the three thousand road is called three thousand road, however, the road is infinite, how can there be only three thousand? Bluestone just understand a trace of the three thousand road has such a feeling, can also think, this three thousand road is what kind of existence! What's more, before Pangu opened up the chaos, the chaos did not know how many billions of years it had evolved before Pangu,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, a Taoist family, was born! In this way, the chaotic evolution of the world on the left hand of the bluestone will take more than a few years, let alone the evolution of the universe! The bluestone Taoist put away his feelings, put away the ban, looked at the land of flood and famine, and said, "It's time to travel through the land of flood and famine!" Say, toward not week mountain pillar place and go! Along the way, bluestone also saw some genius treasures, bluestone is not greedy, just collect part of them, all of them received in the chaos of the left hand. In this way, after thousands of years of travel, the bluestone finally came to the foot of Buzhou Mountain! Looking at Mount Buzhou, the bluestone was moved in his heart! This is a pillar of the sky! Remembering the dribs and drabs in the mix, I couldn't help sighing. Whew! You are so ignorant! It's so rude to come to my bull king's place! Bluestone is immersed in a kind of sadness, suddenly, a shout to wake him up from the sad state! Bluestone squinted at the monster in front of him. Well, medium duty racking ,asrs warehouse, it was indeed a monster. See that monster is completely a pair of hundred Zhang bull's appearance, is opening the blood basin big mouth ferociously looking at the bluestone! Bluestone was not angry either, but said with a playful smile, "How dare you, a calf demon who doesn't even have a form, occupy the mountain and call yourself king?" Who would have thought that when the bull heard the words of the bluestone, he touched his head, smiled and muttered, "Didn't they say I could take charge of my own side?"? Why can't you even scare a little Taoist? At this point, the bull stared at the bluestone and said, "Oh, you are a little Taoist. Aren't you afraid to see that King Ben is so huge?" Bluestone can't help laughing, huge? I'm afraid I can't even resist my own strength! Thinking, also do not get angry, just feel that this has not been a hundred years of Niuguai or a little simple and honest. Then, some play cruel say: "Are you to say your body is very big?" When the bull heard this, he opened his eyes and said, "Of course!" Said, but also a gesture, "you look at you, too small to reach my ankles!"! Aren't you afraid of me? With that, he looked at the bluestone doubtfully. Oh. So in your eyes, I was so small ah? I'll show you what's big! Bluestone finished, the body unexpectedly became huge, ten Zhangs, hundred Zhangs, thousand Zhangs, until ten thousand Zhangs high just stopped! "This.." Bull from the original overlooking the bluestone, to now look up at the bluestone, staring at the eyes of the bull is completely a color of disbelief! And you are You're a witch! My God, the witches who eat demons are coming. Let's run quickly! Say that finish, unexpectedly scatter a son to run! The bluestone bent down, two fingers and one clip, lifted the bull into the air, and even heard the bull's howl. Come on, I'm afraid of heights! In this way, I will fall to death! Bluestone shook his head, into the body, this bull, really do not know how big ah! As the bluestone turned into the noumenon, the bull also became smaller! "Who is small now?" Said the bluestone, looking at the bull. Uncle sorcerer, spare my life. Boy, I haven't grown up yet. What about my meat? Very well If you eat it, you will stuff your teeth. Be merciful and do me a favor and let me go! That bull at the moment which still has just the power and prestige, a sad face, with the big mouth of the blood basin, unexpectedly and a bit of evil appearance! The bluestone played with the bull, put it in the palm of his hand, and said, "a sorcerer has come to catch you to eat?" The bull wailed and said, "The sorcery clan that was killed that day has a radius of thirty million miles, which is the pasture of the sorcery clan!"! When the witches are hungry, they come here to catch me and let me wait for them to go with the wine! Qingshi frowned and thought to himself, "When did the sorcerers become so greedy?"? No, within a radius of 30 million miles, even the sorcery clan does not have so much courage. Well, at least now the sorcery clan does not have the courage to say in Mount Buzhou that 30 million miles around is the place of my clan! So, is there any right or wrong in it? Think of this, like the bull said: "Bull,shuttle rack system, I ask you, who said this to you?" The bull looked carefully at the bluestone and said, "Don't you eat me?" 。

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