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There are almost no unused houses, especially in cities. Use steel bars with good stretchability and seal them in magic concrete, which can strengthen the strength of the house and ensure the extensibility of the house at the same time.. Li Hengxin introduced the advantages of reinforced c


Fang Licheng had a lot to say, but his sister was still busy working in the middle of the night. He didn't have the nerve to open his mouth to talk about his feelings. So he said, "I'll help you first, and then I'll talk about it." "Well, you bind the data in the printer separately." Fang Licheng gave Fang Lian a helping hand, but when he saw the contents on the A4 paper, he found out: "This is the family background of those people tonight?"? Incorrect These are incriminating evidence. He looked down one by one, and the shock in his heart was indescribable. It was only a few hours, and his sister had collected so much information. The key was that every word and picture on it was deadly. If this is exposed, those families will definitely be finished. Yes, I thought that if their backers were honest officials or honest businessmen, then tonight's events would be over, but the result seems unsatisfactory. Fang Lian sighed, "I want to let them go, but they don't let me go.". When Fang Licheng helped to bind it, she also stopped what she was doing and squeezed the Jingming acupoint to reduce the intraocular pressure, trying to relieve fatigue: "I'm finished, let's talk about you." "I.." Fang Licheng felt that the relaxed and lively atmosphere suddenly became tense. I'll go first. Fang Lian leaned back, trying to relax his neck and back. Unfortunately, the back of the chair was too high. Otherwise, it would be better to have a Ge You paralysis. "I don't blame you for what happened today. I'm too impulsive and nervous. I know you didn't talk about it, nor were you together.". I'm just.. Um. I'm worried about you. We grew up together, and I know very well that you are not born. As a sister, I don't recommend you to go this way. Of course, this is only my suggestion,push back racking system, not a request, let alone an order. It is not discrimination against homosexuality, but simply that homosexuality is more vulnerable and unstable than heterosexuality. You think, when you are with a woman, you just have to guard against men. When you are with a man, you have to guard against men and women. Heart plug, heart tired, multiply by two. In the past few years, when you went to school in the United States,heavy duty cantilever racks, the sexual behavior there was relatively open and there were relatively many homosexuals, but you must have found that both homosexuals and heterosexuals changed their partners very frequently. I do not preach one man to the end, nor do I preach chastity, but I think that the reason why people are different from animals is that they are restrained and critical. Instead of sticking in holes and hugging sticks. To be honest, I read a lot of gay novels when I was a child. At that time, I was young and ignorant. I thought that the love between men and men that broke through the secular world was the real love. Unlike men and women, sex, money, reproduction.. Too complicated, not pure enough. Like Mom and Dad, there is no love, but for money, for us, to become a distant couple. When I grew up and saw more, I found that there was no difference between men and women, men and men. For most men, it's all about holes, warehouse storage racks ,Automated warehouse systems, it's all about getting in. It's just that some holes will kill people, and some holes will play casually without any worries. Others are just curious and fresh. This leads me to a completely opposite view from my childhood: men and women may still have love, at least a large part of them can eventually return to family and responsibility, and turn into family love. Men and men, on the other hand, may be displaced in constant sex with different people. Of course, there are also the beginning is out of pure love, but love this kind of thing is the most illusory, said there is, said there is no, have to rely on luck. See for yourself, the world is so big, how many pairs of true love? "Back to you and Feng Yu.". Although I met Feng Yu for the first time tonight, I want to know that his father has a friendship with the old man, which must be a traditional family concept. Their identity background, let alone with a man, if he can not have children all his life, I admire him. Although there are many heterosexual men and women who take the dink route, many real cases in reality are that women accompany men for decades, and finally men want to have children and go to have children with young women. You are a man, and you will not face the dilemma of not having children when you are too old, but I am afraid that you will be sad. ” Fang Li-an leaned back in her chair, closed her eyes, and said with a hammer in the east and a stick in the west. She was so sleepy that her head was covered with paste. Whatever she thought and said, it was her true words anyway. Fang Licheng listened, silent for a long time, and when he looked up to say something more, he found that his sister had fallen asleep on the boss's chair. He stepped lightly to the desk and tried to carry Fang Lian to the bedroom, only to find a chart on the screen with the title "The History of Sealed Land". He did not know whether it was out of curiosity or psychology that he took a closer look. Pull the mouse down, a long time. Heh! Uncle Feng's emotional entanglement can write a biography, even some of his own can not remember it? It is also difficult for the big devil, all for his brother. Looking at Fang Lian's quiet and tired sleeping face, self-reproach and guilt almost drowned him. Obviously, his sister was only one year older than him, but she thought of him everywhere, protecting him, family, career, feelings. When can he grow into a towering tree, so that his sister can also have a solid and warm dependence. Fang Licheng carried Fang Lian to the bed, covered him with a thin quilt, and left with the door closed. The person on the bed opened his eyes in the dark room, sighed gently, rotten peach blossom or do not open, hurt others and themselves, why bother. The last thing she wanted to say but didn't say was that the man's face showed that he was destined to have two sons and a daughter, which was enough to show that he was not a good match for a man. Just this kind of words said, Fang Licheng believed that it was all right, but he was afraid that it would backfire, and felt that he was making up lies to deceive him on purpose. Young people are rebellious, and it is better to block them than to block them. I hope this conversation tonight will be fruitful. Sleeping too late for two days in a row, Fang Lian let himself sleep late, and was woken up early in the morning by the ringing of the telephone. Is Zhang Kaiwen, Fang Lian some regret, last night before going to bed should be turned off,push back racking system, anyway, two small here, do not worry about urgent things can not find her. The phone is connected. Hello "Big.." Young lady. Zhang Kaiwen realized that his phone call might not be the right time. Say 。

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