Emperor Wu Tu Tian

You have always been happy, always have been, and probably always will be,rapid sand filters," said Helena with some jealousy. Simple people do not have too much pursuit, need less desire, it is difficult to become a stumbling block to others.


"How about fighting with Xue Li tomorrow? Are you confident?" The dragon asked with a smile. Xiang Bin nodded with a smile and said, "Naturally!"! Tomorrow I will defeat Xue Li completely in front of thousands of people! Haha, I can't wait to see what the madman looks like after losing. Speaking of you, you are really awesome. This is the first time I've heard that there will be a disaster when a warrior breaks through. Although he did not want to ask, the dragon was still somewhat curious. He could feel that Xiang Bindu's strength had improved a lot after the breakthrough, and that the surging power of Qi and blood and the exuberant spirit could not even be suppressed, and the feeling was very clear. After a pause, Xiang Bin looked at the dragon and said earnestly, "Brother, it's not that I don't want to tell you something, but it's not good for you to know it. If you believe me, when the time is right, I'll tell you everything without reservation!" "Hey!" Long Qie waved his hand and said, "Don't say that. My brother is so polite.". I don't mean to ask, and you don't have to tell me. Whatever the reason, the stronger you become, the happier your brother is for you. Xiang Bin nodded and felt a little moved. He patted Long Qie on the shoulder and said, "Tomorrow, after World War I, I will give you all my learning. He and my brothers will cross the world together. How happy I am!" "Ha ha!" The dragon laughed and said, "Well, in that case,MBR reactor, I won't be polite to you. If you forget my brother in the future, don't blame me for scolding you." "Oh.." Talking and laughing, they walked out of the first-class training place together. At this time, the night was deep and the wind and thunder mountain was very quiet. They chatted for a while and then dispersed to rest. The next morning, Fenglei Mountain was packed with people jostling one another. The audience who came to watch the battle was much more than yesterday. The various forces and the business travelers who traveled to and from Fenglei Mountain, as well as the local residents of Fenglei Mountain, were all full of curiosity about the battle. The entire viewing platform was densely packed with people sitting on three layers inside and three layers outside, and even on the periphery of the viewing field,lamella tube, it was crowded with people. This is no longer simply a competition between two people. Anyone who understands a little bit knows that today's World War I will directly decide who is worthy of the first place in the three universities. Xue Li, Xiang Bin, Ran Min, the potential and strength shown by these three people, corresponding to their age, can be said to be unprecedented real wizards and geniuses. It is rare that the three universities have produced such evil geniuses, so it is not only the curiosity of Jianghu people, but also the long-cherished wish of the three universities. Ran Min has been defeated, but it has not affected the reputation of Tianya Haige. The strength he has shown is enough to prove the deep foundation of Tianya Haige. Now the competition between Xiang Bin and Xue Li is not to distinguish which university is worse, but to prove which one is stronger. The foundation of the three universities has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the performance of these three students is a perfect proof of this foundation. The meaning of today's World War I is like distinguishing the most precious one from three beautiful gems. But this does not mean that the remaining two pieces have no value. This is the icing on the cake, the battle to push honor and prestige to the top! Xue Li and Xiang Bin had a battle last night, and there were many onlookers. And two people are going to fight today, so last night's battle has long been the hubbub, even if you don't know martial arts, Dissolved Gas Flotation ,lamella clarifer, can also see clearly, yesterday Xiang Bin is no match for Xue Li. Even in private, the merchants also opened a gambling game for the competition, but almost without exception, most people bought Xue Li to win, and even the students of Fenglei Mountain were not optimistic about Xiang Bin. Finally, under everyone's expectation, the final battle begins! The two of them walked together on the stage, saluting the guests from all directions, and then turned their heads and stood still, looking at each other. Boom! At the same time, both of them released their strongest momentum at the same time. yuan Li shield appeared on Xue Li's body, half white and half gold, and some famous people immediately saw that the golden light on Xue Li's shield was much stronger in one night. Was yesterday hiding strength? Or is there a gain overnight? Many people showed a complex look, have been surprised by Xue Li's overbearing, the disciples of the invincible God of war, unexpectedly powerful to this! The white light on Xiang Bin's body is dazzling, and the pure white yuan Li shield is flashing endlessly. Although it is not as golden as Xue Li's, it is extremely rich, far exceeding the concentration of the yuan Li shield of the general warrior. As soon as Xue Li waved his hand, he took out the giant hammer and looked into Xiang Bin's eyes. With a grim smile on his lips, he whispered, "Within ten strokes, I'll solve you!" "Bragging about the atmosphere!" Xiang Bin called out the Bingdao halberd, which was full of strong and unrestrained breath, flashing with blue electric awn. Xue Li glanced at the halberd in Xiang Bin's hand and said with a sneer, "Have you refined the weapon?"? It won't work. The gap between you and me can't be bridged by a weapon. Xiang Bin took a deep breath, released Chuang Tzu, and let himself enter the realm of selflessness. "What's the point of raving?" He said in a faint voice? Come on Boom! The voice fell, two people started at the same time, like two groups of hurricanes roaring toward each other, Xue Li right hand hammer, but did not use weapons, but hit the left fist, brutal to Xiang Bin. Xiang Bin is not dodging, the same left fist, to meet Xue Li's fist! Xue Li's face showed a sneer, as if he had seen Xiang Bin being punched away by himself. Boom! The two fists collide with each other, without any moves and skills, which is the most basic force collision. The violent roar resounded through the whole audience like thunder, shaking up an exclamation. Both of them trembled at the same time and took a step back. With a surprised look on his face, Xue Li shook his head and said with a smile, "Not bad!"! One night's time has progressed to such an extent that you can be my opponent! As soon as he changed the subject, he stepped forward again, and the platinum two-color light on his hand flashed. He shouted: "The second move!" When the fist came out, the wind whistled, and the fist seemed to contain the power of creating the world. Xiang Bin is a low drink, do not dodge step forward,Belt Filter Press, the same is a punch out! Boom! Two people once again mercilessly collided together, followed by the body shock at the same time, unexpectedly who did not take advantage of. khnwatertreatment.com

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