Gu Zhenren

"Kill her!" The five bewitching immortals, led by Jiang Yu Fairy,


"Kill her!" The five bewitching immortals, led by Jiang Yu Fairy, were full of murderous intent, their eyes were red, and their offensive was extremely fierce. Even if Lingmei Fairy is graceful and graceful, her face is beautiful and matchless, and the beauty is frightened, she can't get any pity from the five fairies. In the hands of the kill move more urgent, potential to cut Lingmei fairy, just give up. Between the line of life and death, Ling Mei Fairy resolutely made to give up, the loss of a fairy, through three breath time. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Ling Mei Fairy urged the bewitching array, the delicate body in the wind and rain suddenly disappeared, the next moment, has appeared in the distance. Whew! Whew! Whew! Lingmei Fairy gasped and her face was pale. She finally escaped, with a lingering fear on her face and a cold sweat on her back. That was close. That was close. In the moment of life and death, thanks to this bewitching array! Ling Mei Fairy can not help but secretly grateful. This set of bewitching array was arranged by the bewitching immortal Hong Chi Ming with great energy and painstaking efforts. Hong Chiming comes from Fengyun Mansion, which is one of the ten ancient schools in Zhongzhou. He is famous in Zhongzhou because he is good at bewitching. Bewitching array is not as good as killing, that is, it can't be instant. The laying time is too long, and it is not widely used in fierce battles. However, once laid out, the advantage is greater, often faster than the killing, consumption is also less. Because of this, Ling Mei Fairy saved her life. Seeing that Ling Mei Fairy had escaped, Jiang Yu Fairy sighed. The other four bewitching immortals are also very regrettable. Before the Hundred Days War, the two fairies, Ling Mei and Ao Xue, merged and used the matchless crescent moon chop, which posed a strong threat to Ying Zong. Almost every fairy was injured by this move, and the severity of the injury was different. Unfortunately, the Yingzong side originally had a geographical advantage. As a result, the bewitching array was pulled out one by one by the Zhongzhou side. Now Zhongzhou Gu Xian has arranged a Gu array, and the geographical position outside the Valley of the Fallen Soul has completely belonged to them. If you can't kill it, continue to break through! Jiang Yu Fairy drank lightly. She was very straightforward and made a quick decision. Ling Mei retreated, and there was a gap in Zhongzhou's defense line. Breakthrough is to be quick, the opportunity is fleeting! "Ling Mei, are you all right?!" Ao Xue Fairy's white skirt flutters, as if slowly and quickly supporting her, and her face is full of anger. If you want to go, you can't. Leave your life behind! Chen fluttered his wings and shouted. Is it too late to leave now? Bu Feiyan sneered. Although Aoxue Fairy and Lingmei Fairy are separated, the position of the two sides is the closest, so they can come at the first time. As for the two immortals, inflatable bounce house with slide , Chen Zhenyi and Bu Feiyan, to be able to come at the same time as the Aoxue Fairy is purely an amazing speed. Flutter your wings in the Nine Heavens, and come and go with a flying smoke. Hateful The Black City gritted its teeth, and the pressure in its heart was reborn. Chen Zhenyi and Bu Feiyan are the two most famous flying masters in today's Zhongzhou Fairy Realm. "The Nine Heavens" refers to Chen's flapping of wings in Wanlongwu, while "a flying smoke" refers to the flying smoke of Tianlian Pai. Jiang Yu and other four bewitching immortals break through the siege, and what they fear most is this kind of pursuer who is good at speed. Seeing the three of them approaching, Ying Zong's four immortals didn't even say hello, but just broke through. Suddenly, a wall of light appeared in front of the four immortals of Yingzong. It turned out that the bewitching array was launched. This is the handwriting of Hong Chiming of Fengyun Mansion! Although Hong Chiming had not yet arrived, his voice immediately came through the bewitching array: "Your breakout has long been expected by Lord Feng Jiuge.". If you don't give up without a fight, maybe there's a way out! As soon as the voice fell, a strong breath, like a flying dragon, rose and approached quickly. This breath is so powerful that the four immortals of Yingzong have long been familiar with it. It is the breath of Feng Jiuge, all of which are cold and sweaty, with panic on their faces. After a hundred days of war, the five immortals of Yingzong knew that even if they joined hands, they were no match for Feng Jiuge. Is the breakout going to be a complete failure? Just as the Five Immortals were getting desperate, a golden arrow shot through the wall of light blocking the way. In the distance, Hong Chiming's body trembled violently, like an electric shock, spitting a mouthful of blood and suffering from severe injuries. It was Qin Baisheng who used the golden arrow. How could he sit back and watch the five immortals fail to break through? At this time, he supported his injured body and welcomed Ling Mei, Ao Xue, Chen Zhenyi and Bu Feiyan. The Four Immortals of Zhongzhou came quickly and lost quickly. It is not only a defeat, but also a rout. Like Feng Jiuge, Qin Baisheng could not be resisted by other bewitching immortals in Zhongzhou. Qin Baisheng did not kill the four immortals of Zhongzhou and let them retreat. His main attention is focused on Feng Jiuge. Feng Jiuge's eyes were like torches, and he had already detected Qin Baisheng's injuries. He laughed, "You're in a hurry. It's not appropriate to leave without saying goodbye.". If you want to leave, at least listen to my farewell song. Xiandao Kill Move-Jasper Song! Ying Zong five immortals hurriedly burst back, someone let out a scream, someone a stuffy hum. The power of the Jasper song is mysterious, and the five immortals are more or less hit. Hit the place, the body is turned into jade, and gradually spread around. The five immortals were all decisive, and they immediately used their hands to smash and dig up the flesh and blood of their own bodies. For a moment, blood flowed. Xiandao Kill Move-Soul Pressure! The next moment, Qin Baisheng shot. Powerful soul way kill move, aim at the face of Feng Jiuge, force the past. Feng Jiuge's face changed and he hurriedly resisted. Qin Baisheng has two killer's mace, one is the soul way to kill the soul pressure, the other is the sword way to kill the five-finger fist heart sword. Once used, the ordinary bewitching immortal is not a combination of them. Feng Jiu Song has three cards, the first heaven and earth song, the second Jasper song, and the third bow song. It is either powerful or mysterious. Feng Jiu song was involved in the energy, Jasper singing a slow, the shadow of the five immortals pressure suddenly reduced, and ran out of a distance. Qin Baisheng made another move to kill Jin Dao. The golden chains locked Feng Jiuge's limbs and tied them up. Feng Jiu Ge is not frightened. Hundred days of war, two people already know each other. Qin Baisheng's Jindao killing move is not effective for Feng Jiuge. This golden chain is very effective against Chen Zhenyi and them. But as long as Feng Jiuge slightly vibrates,inflatable air dancer, it only takes one breath to shatter it. But at this time, Qin Baisheng's face, showing a strange smile: "Let you see the real secret in the valley." 。

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