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It was the first time she had been barefoot in front of outsiders,


It was the first time she had been barefoot in front of outsiders, and after taking off her shoes, she quickly hid in a cotton mop. Cotton slippers are soft and comfortable to step on, not as hard and painful as high-heeled shoes. It's changed. She stared at the cotton mop and smiled shallowly. The little tiger teeth were lovely and sweet. Fu Mingyuan looked at her with a slightly soft face. He nodded and said, "Don't wear such high heels anymore." Hearing this, Ruan Ning curled her lips slightly and muttered in a low voice: "People just want to look taller.." Fu Mingyuan's ears were so sharp that he naturally heard her thoughts. Why He asked. As a man who is nearly 1.9 meters tall and has long legs, it is really hard for him to understand the mind of such a little girl. Look at his long legs, and then look at his short thin legs, Ruan Ning can not help his cheeks slightly bulging. She glared at him angrily and abandoned herself: "Because I'm short, huh?" The last one was angry and soft. Fall in the ear, like a sprinkling of icing sugar, sweet to the heart. Looking at her angry little appearance, Fu Mingyuan laughed for a while. However, I feel that this kind of relationship is more intimate, and it is no longer as restrained and distant as usual. It feels slightly warm and a little sweet. No "I think it's fine," he whispered. Ruan Ning looks petite, but the proportion of the figure is very good, if you double the size, perhaps it is the standard model figure. Besides. Remembering the slightly trembling fullness in front of his eyes, he paused and pursed his lips uncomfortably. Where is it all right? Not aware of his strange, Ruan Ning pouted, apparently very concerned about the height of the problem. Fu Mingyuan looked at her and reached out to rub her head. It's cute. With that,347 stainless steel, he turned and went to the bar. Ruan Ning covered her ruffled hair and pouted angrily. Just looking at his back, slowly opened his mouth again, clear eyes bright. Brother Ming yuan. Think she's cute? "Eat." In front of the bar, taking out the lunch in the plastic bag, Fu Mingyuan turned to her and said. Oh, oh, okay! Ruan Ning hurriedly rubbed over. Four dishes and one soup, as well as rice and dessert,uns c70600, are enough for two people's lunch. Although Ruan Ning is petite, she has a good appetite. The food in Nanfeng Pavilion was really good, and she couldn't help eating a little more. She learned etiquette well, and although she ate a lot, her manners remained ladylike. But in Fu Mingyuan's eyes, it looks like a hamster. Small and soft, sometimes very clever, and sometimes showing Jiao Han. It makes people want to hold the palm of the hand all the time and take care of it carefully. They ate quietly and talked occasionally. Under the relaxed atmosphere, there is warmth flowing quietly. Although insipid, the warmth is real. Are you full? Seeing that Ruan Ning stopped using chopsticks, Fu Mingyuan asked. Ruan Ning nodded, blushed and smiled, feeling a little embarrassed. She seemed to eat a little too much, and almost all the dishes were gone. Fu Mingyuan did not take it seriously. The little girl is too thin, and it is better to be fat. Then they sat on the sofa, x70 line pipe ,uns s32760 plate, one dealing with documents and the other playing with their mobile phones. Gradually, sleepyhead attack, Ruan Ning kept yawning, slowly dozed off. But before she lost consciousness, Fu Mingyuan woke her up again. Go inside and sleep. I'll wake you up when I'm done and send you back. Although Wen Zhe has always been in charge of the affairs of the studio, he does not need to worry about it, but as a boss, he can not completely throw away the shopkeeper. Ruan Ning nodded in a daze, put down the pillow in her arms, rubbed her eyes and stood up. Finally, under his guidance, he stumbled into the inner room and touched the soft bed smoothly. She climbed up slowly, pulled the quilt on her body, put her head on the pillow, and fell asleep at once. Watching her sleep, thinking of Weibo, Fu Mingyuan got up and went out of the lounge, ready to ask Wen Zhe. Is it over? So soon? As soon as they met, Wen Zhe spoke with surprise. Fu Mingyuan: ".." So what goes through his agent's mind every day? Chapter 22 distress. Under Wen Zhe's urgent public relations, the public opinion trend of Weibo is still positive. After all, Fu Mingyuan and Yu Ruoyu are used to killing each other, which is nothing. For their fans, this is also a pleasant surprise, especially their CP fans, which is definitely a great benefit. However, taking advantage of this east wind, Ruan Ning also unexpectedly became popular. Because of this anniversary, Dongyang Group also carried out a live webcast, many people have seen this pure and lovely, standing on the stage is not inferior to other actresses of the little fairy. Fu Mingyuan and Yu Ruoyu with heat, she also suddenly on the hot search. Originally here, as the heat drops, she may be forgotten by people the next day. But fans with little flowers are not happy. Of course, their love beans are the most beautiful, how can they be outdone by a passer-by? The contrast pictures taken by these netizens are all deliberately looking for angles and mixing colors, which is an ulterior motive. It's definitely anti-fans, and it's definitely someone's hype with rhythm! As a result, under the popular micro-blog, fans began to control comments and post beautiful photos of their own idols, which can be described as hype. However, there is no one-sided trend in the online comments. Although the little fairy did not reveal her name, she is a fan of Yu Ruoyu! Fish meal is bullied, or such a beautiful and cute little fish meal, we are all fans of Yu Zai Zai, how can we sit idly by? If Fu Mingyuan's fans are all Buddha-like, then Yu Ruoyu's fishmeal fans are very Taoist. On weekdays, the chrysanthemum and Chinese wolfberry thermos cup can keep in good health and cultivate immortals. It has always been a group of people who go their own way and love everything. At the critical moment, he was famous for protecting his shortcomings, and his fighting capacity was amazing. Under the siege of the fans of the little flowers,x56 line pipe, they still maintain their vigorous vitality. I can't help it. Who told Yu Tianwang to have more fans? Ten years after his debut, he has sung countless golden songs. As long as he is young, who hasn't heard one or two of his songs. lksteelpipe.com

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