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The shopkeeper looked back at Xu Gefei, answered respectfully,

The shopkeeper looked back at Xu Gefei, answered respectfully, and turned to walk out of the hospital. Xu Gefei walked up the steps and asked confusedly, "What's the matter? Why don't you call me?" Yao Tingwei, on the other hand, said with concern, "You have great skill. When your tiredness disappears, you will wake up. You haven't opened your eyes yet." You can imagine how tired you have been for many days, so I want you to sleep a little longer. Aunt Shan laughed and said, "It's not interesting to go early, except to introduce the leaders, elders and elite masters of various schools." Is to announce some dead rules, we neither fight, nor fight for hegemony, go early or late, it doesn't matter. As he spoke, the four of them entered the small hall and sat down in order. Xiaomei, the maid, hurriedly brought a basin of clean water. Xu Gefei went to the basin and explained, "Since I lost my memory, the temple has been blank. I hope very much." Seeing more things and knowing more martial arts heroes may be of great benefit to my memory recovery in the future. "Don't worry, Shaoxia Xu," said Aunt Shan with a smile. "It's up to my wife to know those headmasters. I'll introduce one of them when they come out, and you'll be more careful than they are. The words did not finish, suddenly came a faint audible, straight into the sky, such as thunder. Hearing this, Xu Gefei, who had washed his face in a hurry, immediately suggested, "Breakfast is free. Let's go." As soon as the figure flashed, the two shopkeepers, each carrying a basket, hurried in. Aunt Shan immediately said, "Now that the food is here, at least I have to eat a little." Xu Gefei sat at the table, listening to bursts of crazy cheers, burning with anxiety, eager to get to Xiangyun Temple immediately. The food chewed in the mouth is really tasteless. What he was worried about was not the result of the fight in the ring, but the fear that Yao would arrive very early and leave first because he could not find Xu Gefei. Here we go. Although he had this trouble in his heart, he was unable to speak it out, because he had always lost his memory and did not know it. Who is the enemy of the sea of blood. After a quick meal, he immediately went out of the shop. The four men hurried forward, all looking around in unison, looking nervous. Although the four of them have different purposes and different moods, the person they are looking for is the same, that is, Yao Hentian. Xu Gefei eagerly hoped to discover Yao Hentian immediately, and immediately killed him with a sword, but Xiangyun Temple did not go at all. Ding Qianwen and Aunt Shan, on the other hand, hoped to discover Yao's hatred of heaven earlier, lest he secretly kill Xu Gefei. Because there are few pedestrians on the street, and on the mountain path leading to Xiangyun Temple, pedestrians are almost extinct. Because everyone has already arrived at Xiangyun. Temple, therefore, Nero Marquina Marble Slab ,grey marble slab, four people did not look around and affect the future. Climbing to the end of the mountain path is the Liulin Square in front of Xiangyun Temple. The tall mountain gate is clearly visible in the forest gap. Outside the mountain gate, the heroes of the martial arts world who could not get in were crowded, and the sound of boiling rhyme and noise was mixed with the sound of drinking. Since there was no strong color in the sky for a long time, it must be that no one has been knocked down again. As soon as Ding Qianwen looked at the situation, she couldn't help saying anxiously, "It depends. I'm afraid we can't get in." Xu Gefei was even more annoyed and could not help complaining that Aunt Shan and Ding Qianwen had not woken him up earlier. Just then, Yao Tingwei's eyes brightened and he blurted out lightly. He hurriedly and nervously reached out and pulled Xu Gefei and Ding Qianwen. At the same time, he said hurriedly, "Stop, stop. Don't go there first." Xu Gefei was pulled a stupefied, following Yao Tingwei's shocked and anxious eyes to see, also not by the heart suddenly a shock, suddenly like. Jiao Lei hit the top Because, among the heroes in front of the mountain gate, there was a beautiful girl dressed in plain clothes with a sword on her back, looking up at the temple. The girl dressed in plain clothes was none other than Szeto Hua, a female disciple of the God of Poverty with an Iron Staff, who was injured by Xu Gefei's palm and vomited blood. The appearance of Szeto Hua at Jiyun Pass was a big surprise to Xu Gefei, but it was unexpected to Yao Tingwei. Things in. As a result, she walked all the way, looking around, not only paying attention to Yao Hentian, but also watching out for Szeto Hua. Because Szeto Hua and Yao Tingwei learned from the same teacher, they all worshipped in front of the seat of the God of Iron Staff, and Szeto Hua often went to the northwest. The total rudder to find Yao Tingwei, the relationship between the two, is a matter of public knowledge. Because of this, after Szeto Hua recovered, he would find out where Yao Tingwei was going and where he was going, and the maids did not know where they were going, so they would follow him. Tell the truth. Therefore, Yao Tingwei had expected it, so he was always on guard to avoid Xu Gefei being killed because of Szeto Hua's heart. Sex is extremely vicious. Although Yao Tingwei had expected it, he did not expect Szeto Hua to come so soon. Now that she had met, she had to try to keep Xu Gefei and Ding Qianwen from meeting Szeto Hua. Because Xu Gefei lost his memory, he did not know Szeto Hua at all, but Szeto Hua knew Xu Gefei. In such a situation, Of course, it is Xu Gefei who suffers losses. As for Ding Qianwen, of course, she could not be allowed to meet Szeto Hua. Because Ding Qianwen did not know that Szeto Hua intended to frame her. Deliberately lured the earth into Zigzag Valley and killed her. But in Ding Qianwen's mind, she still thought that Szeto Hua fell off the cliff because of her. Although she heard Yao Tingwei's call, she thought it was. Szeto Wah is rescuing her. In this case, Szeto Hua, in order to fear Ding Qianwen's revenge, must be the first to kill and eat. Of course, it was Ding Qianwen who lost. But where does Ding Qianwen know that Yao Tingwei is kind-hearted and hides evil on behalf of Szeto Hua? As soon as he saw Szeto Hua, he was overjoyed. Unconsciously, he blurted out excitedly, "Isn't that Miss Szeto Hua?"? Her Why don't you wear colorful neon clothes instead of plain clothes? When Yao Tingwei heard this, he was shocked and knew that it was too late to stop him. Before Ding Qianwen had finished speaking, Szeto Hua, who was looking into the temple, heard the sound and looked into the temple. Szeto Hua's expression was in a daze, and his delicate dimple turned pale, and then his eyebrows were covered with evil spirits to greet him. However, as Ding Qianwen spoke, she was already smiling all over her face, and with an excited expression,Agate Stone Price, she greeted Szeto Hua first. Yao Tingwei was astonished, knowing that speaking out to stop him would make things worse, so he hurriedly looked at Aunt Shan and Ding anxiously.


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