Feng Lin Tian Xia: Princess 13 years old

"Eat it." When he opened his eyes again, Ouyang Yufei had already


"Eat it." When he opened his eyes again, Ouyang Yufei had already recovered the man who had been fooling around, and he reached out and quickly stuffed a pill into Liuyue. ? "This is not an antidote. It can only control the poison in your body for twenty days. I will go back to find an antidote for you now.". Chapter 972: Diverting the Tiger from the Mountain 9? If they dare to do this, there must be an antidote. I'll find it for you. As soon as he threw his sleeve and stood up, Ouyang Yufei said that he had no alternative. He went back to Hades Island to look for it and ask for it. He could not rely on the human body to bleed for more than forty-nine days. Those who came must have the antidote. ? ? They won't see him, so he goes back to Hades. He could see Xuanyuan Che die, but he couldn't see Liuyue die, and he couldn't do it either. ? As soon as Yunzhao heard Ouyang Yufei's words, his face suddenly became colored. "Well," he exulted, "go quickly, go quickly." Glancing at Liu Yue, who had taken the medicine and lowered his eyes, Ouyang Yufei snorted at Yunzhao, "Don't mind it either. You have a stick of hemolytic pearls in the treasure house of the Snow Holy Kingdom. Take her there and give her to eat.". Otherwise, the medicine will last less than twenty days. ? Then he sighed deeply again and walked away. Yu Fei, thank you. Breath is still very weak, almost can not open the eyes of the moon suddenly gently way. ? Ouyang Yufei did not speak, nor did he stop at his feet, but waved his hand and left quickly. ? The figure was tall and resolute in the morning light. And when Ouyang Yufei appeared, a man on the far hillside quickly turned around and disappeared in the vast morning light. The corners of her mouth were slightly turned up, and the moon, with her head drooping,Porcelain Marble Slabs, bloomed an inscrutable dark color where no one could see it. ? The warm wind was flying, and the red sun jumped out of the horizon completely, and began to volatilize its light wantonly. ? A new day begins. At this time, the palace of the Southern Song Dynasty was earth-shaking. The whole east garden and the rear hall of the palace were in a mess. Everything that could be smashed was smashed. Everything that could be destroyed? ? In that monstrous anger and fear, they were destroyed to pieces. Chapter 973: Diverting the Tiger from the Mountain 10? "Where did Liu Yue go?"? Where on earth did you go? Holding Yanhu tightly, Xuanyuan's eyes were red with blood, and he looked so ferocious that he almost ate Yanhu in front of him. I don't know Yan Hu's words almost came out of his teeth. And around the palace eunuchs, Xuanyuan Che's confidant and so on, have already retreated far away,pietra gray marble, dare not come forward to wipe its edge. Asshole! Where is Qiuhen? Where is Qiuhen? He gnashed his teeth, and Xuanyuan Che almost went crazy. He just woke up at this time today. As soon as I woke up, I felt bad. Liu Yue knocked him unconscious last night. Since Liu Yue did this, I was sure. Hurriedly rushed over, that material turned over the whole palace. Liu Yue has no trace, even the cloud called Ouyang Yufei and others have disappeared, nothing left, nothing. And at this time has come, if Liu Yue does not have his blood, this. He's going crazy. I do not know Ah Do not know three words just throw out, Yan Hu was Xuanyuan Che a palm hit a somersault, fell out. Qiu Hen, last night only Qiu Hen, he must know where Liu Yue went, he must know the inside story. But, damn, Slate Wall Panel ,white marble mosaic, he's not here, he's gone, damn, damn. Burning with anxiety, Xuanyuan Che's eyes are as red as blood. If Qiu Hen were here at this time, he would surely tear him down. Prepare the horse. With an earth-shaking roar, Xuanyuan Che crashed into the hall and rushed to the outside. Liu Yue must have gone, and he was going to chase him. He can't let her gamble, he can't let her try, he can't afford to lose. Your Majesty, you don't know where the princess has gone. "Your Majesty, don't mess up. Let's go separately." Chapter 974: Diverting the Tiger from the Mountain 11. See Xuanyuan Che such action, around Yanhu and other confidants, not by Qi Qi sound, followed Xuanyuan Che rushed out. ? ? Split up to chase, in all directions to leave, so many people to find, better than one person. Although, several confidants know in their hearts, perhaps at this time their princess may have. But no one dares to say it. ? Galloping away, the whole palace began to move. Tianchen Wang, Xuanyuan Che. ” At the moment when all the people rushed out of the hall, there was a sudden explosion in the sky, and the sound was cold, with a murderous look rolling through the air. ? ? Like a thunderbolt, it exploded in the sky, making no secret of its arrogance and ferocity. Xuanyuan Che stepped down and raised his head. In the golden light, I saw six figures stepping on the top of the exquisite palace. Seemingly pacing slowly, but actually extremely fast, one moment is still in the distance, the next moment, six people have stood high on the top of the palace in front of Xuanyuan Che. All black, all blue, all red, all green, all white, all gold. Five men and one woman, lined up above the palace. They are different in appearance and do not look handsome or beautiful. Look or cold, or indifferent, or enchanting, or casual. But there is a strong breath between the six people, which unites the completely different breath, giving people a sense of integration, a feeling that the six people are actually one person. Standing against the light is almost dazzling, but the whole body is completely contrary to the gloom of the golden light. What people? With a loud shout, Yanhu and others immediately stopped, drew their swords in front of Xuanyuan Che, and looked up to the six men. Chapter 975: Divert the tiger away from the mountain 12? Cold and mixed with absolute iron anger, Xuanyuan Che squinted at the six people, almost from the teeth burst out a few words: "Hades Island Six." Looking down at the murderous Xuanyuan Che below, the faces of the six were as cold as ice. Xuanyuan Che,Grey Marble Slab, you're smart. I'll let you die today. The only woman in the six statues of Hades raised her orchid finger and laughed. ? Yan is smiling, but his voice is as cold as ice. The voice was not the voice of the flower queen on the river that day, but the appearance was absolutely not. Xuanyuan Che grasped the soft sword at his waist. ?。 forustone.com

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