The pink sword startles the eagle

Yellow shirt venerable and HuYanyan, see Huai Bin,


Yellow shirt venerable and HuYanyan, see Huai Bin, Huan Yi two people block in front. Can't help but have gas in the heart, but they know the two men's fierce, in addition to the sudden killing, want to win, it is difficult, will be from the evil spirit Gang palm and Xuanyin palm, secretly move full strength, in order to prepare to put the enemy to death. The two sides were at daggers drawn, but when they saw Hu Yanyan and the Yellow Shirt Venerable, a smile flashed across their faces, and their hands slowly clasped their chests, making a gesture! JOSE Scan Martial Arts House OCR, exclusive serial Chapter 16 Huai Bin how witty, see two people such a scene, know not without cause, just want to turn around and look back, suddenly feel that there is a strong cold wind! Hurriedly, he raised his hand and pulled Huan Yi to his side. He listened to the Yellow Shirt Venerable and called on the two of them. Jie Jie said with a strange smile, "The life of the little dog man and woman is coming!" The voice did not fall, black evil spirit Gang palm, Xuanyin palm strength fierce palm, already hit head-on! Huai Bin and Huan Yi were caught in the middle, and it was too late to dodge. I just said: "Not good!" Suddenly he shouted, "The devil dares!" Just listen to the sound of "Peng" behind you,outdoor ficus tree, the shrill whistling sound of the old charm of the snow mountain, from near to far, without any sound in the blink of an eye. When Huai Bin and Huan Yi made the sound of "Peng" behind them, they also went forward with all their strength and waved their hands. The palms of the two sides had not yet touched, and their bodies suddenly retreated. Looking back, they saw a tall old man standing behind them, full of red light and white beard, standing with a smile on his back, opening a pair of shining eyes, and looking at both sides. Huai Bin,large artificial blossom trees, Huan Yizhi drove away the old charm of the snow mountain and saved the two of them. It was the red-faced old man who was in danger. Because the enemy was tight, he could not see the ceremony with the old man, so he only nodded to the old man. With a wave of his hand, the old man said, "It's not too late to talk about it after the winner is decided." Huai Bin and Huan Yi took off the jade lotus on their backs and rushed to the Yellow Shirt Venerable, while Huan Yi attacked Huyan. The Yellow Shirt Venerable knew that Huai Bin was fierce, so he quickly removed the rattan snake rope tied around his waist and fought with Huai Bin. Bimu Double Corpse Huyanyan's only special skill is Xuanyin Palm, which is no less vicious than Xuanyin Palm of Xueshan Old Charm, but its skill is slightly inferior to that of Xueshan Old Charm, so Huanyi unfolds Yulian, which not only protects the whole body, but also poses a great threat to Huyanyan. Both Huai Bin and Huan Yi had the same mentality. They were eager to meet the old man and didn't want to be entangled for a long time. Huai Bin said, "Hurry up, sister, so that the old man won't wait for a long time." When the old man heard Huai Bin calling him an old man, he was scratching the itch. "Don't panic," he said with a laugh. "I'm sure I'll wait." When Huai Bin heard that the tone of the old man was not evil, he was very happy, artificial banyan trees ,fake blossom tree, and his intimate psychology became more and more intense. He continued to display his unique skills such as "pointing straight to the southern sky", "floating clouds covering the sun", "spring weathering rain" and so on. He first took off the rattan snake rope of the Yellow Shirt Venerable, and then took advantage of the victory to press forward, "Changhong Lian Ri". Point to the chest of the Venerable Yellow Shirt. The Yellow Shirt Venerable knows that the jade lotus in Huai Bin's hand is stronger than a hundred pieces of gold steel. If it is hit, at least it will be seriously injured. How dare you neglect it! Whirl out two hands Blocking encounter feeling, while Huai bin hit the enemy, jump back, to escape to the south end of the horizontal! Looking at Huan Yi again, I saw her holding Yulian in her hand, her eyes slightly red, standing there in a daze, as if her heart was extremely sad! On the ground, facing the body of Huyan Yan, a head, has been hit into a meat pie by the jade lotus, white pulp red blood, sprinkled all over the ground. It turned out that when Huai Bin launched Sanjue to attack the Yellow Shirt Venerable, Huan Yi thought to himself that the unique skill of this Xinguang Huijian. "Golden Wheel Pudu" because of its too much consumption of True Qi and True Power, I have never learned it so far. I can see that Huai Bin has used it, and its power is really mysterious. If you can't use it, try it with him? When she thought of this, she immediately used all her strength to shake the jade lotus into a big circle of white rainbow, slowly running! Hu Yanyan's skill is not as deep as that of the others, and when he is caught off guard, how can he resist the power of the unique skill of "Golden Wheel Purdue"? Feel the strong attraction of the enemy's aperture The foothold is not steady, even the thought is not enough to turn, the body is projected into the circle of light, the circle of light slightly rotates, a head has been twisted into a meat pie by the jade lotus, hum not even half a hum, immediately account. Huan Yi saw that Hu Yanyan's body had just been thrown into the circle of light, but he didn't know that the force of the whirl was so powerful. He found that Hu Yanyan's head had been twisted into a meat pie by the Jade Lotus Room. When he wanted to stop, it was too late. He quickly stopped, and only then did he save Huyan's body, failing to follow in the footsteps of his head. Huan Yi is kind by nature. He has seen such a tragic situation. He deeply regrets that he should not try his hand. He can't bear it. His eyes are red and he almost sheds tears! Seeing that she was sad, Huai Bin hurriedly lifted Huyan's body to the waist of Hengling, put it in an ice depression, and covered it with some ice and snow from the jade lotus. Only then did he walk up to the old man with Huan Yi. He saluted the old man and said in chorus, "The old man has been waiting for a long time!" The old man shook his head, stared at them, and asked excitedly, "What are your names?"? Who is the division commander? ? Why do you come to the Great Snow Mountain? ?” The two men told the truth and asked the old man about his name. Surprised, the old man laughed and said, "The younger generation is awesome!"! The younger generation is awesome !” Huai Bin, Huan Yi listened to the old man's praise and was very modest. After the old man laughed for a while, he said his name. It turned out that the old man was the elder of Wulin eighty years ago. He came out of the floating dust in Wuyi. In the past year, he was as famous as Jiutian Raksha Hua Xiaoyun. He was called Yinghai Lovers. He was older than Tianmen Erlao and Lingwu Master. Because he failed to release Jiutian Raksha, he was enraged by the invisible old woman and chased him here. There was no sign of the old woman. His heart was Standing alone on the peak and looking out, I found that the two of them were like a golden boy and a jade girl. I was very happy and wanted to meet each other. I didn't want the old charm of the snow mountain to secretly perform their magic skills and plot against each other from behind with Xuanbing palm. So I shouted and scolded, and hit the old charm of the snow mountain with Buddhist Gang Qi, driving them away and falling behind them. Huai Bin knew nothing about the origin of the old man, but Huan Yi knew him very well. He hurriedly made a face to Huai Bin, stepped forward, bowed three times to the old man, and said, "So it's an old-timer. I'm sorry!"! Respectfully !” Huai Bin was extremely clever. When Huan Yi made a face to him,large ficus tree, he already understood. As soon as Huan Yi knelt down, Huai Bin knelt down beside Huan Yi and said, "The younger generation is not respectful. I hope the older generation will forgive me.".

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