Reborn Princess of the Shang Dynasty

From then on, Grandma handed over the ready-made clothes


From then on, Grandma handed over the ready-made clothes workshop to Zhao Ping'an. Nowadays, nearly half of the ready-made clothes in the capital come from Zhao's ready-made clothes workshop. Zhao Xiaolei was shocked by the result. He opened his eyes wide and asked, "Moon, you're not wrong, nearly half?"? In the capital? Text Volume Chapter 309 Unheard of Bai Ruyue nodded, "I'm not wrong, nearly half, I just looked at the account book a few days ago.". Just this year, the number of ready-made clothes from Zhao's ready-made clothes workshop is this. Bai Ruyue said as she dipped her fingers in tea and wrote on the table. Zhao Xiaolei swallowed his saliva and asked, "How can I manage such a powerful person?" Bai Ruyue looked at Zhao Xiaolei and solemnly said, "Uncle, what we need to do is not to manage such a person, but to trust and respect him.". Of course, the most important thing is that you have to learn quickly, learn all kinds of skills, and the most important thing is to learn how to deal with people and how to use people. Zhao Xiaolei could not help but look up at the little girl in front of him, sighing in his heart, no wonder the mother appreciates the moon well, so little child, can see the key at a glance. Other people, like such an older child, worry about what they are wearing today,silk cherry blossom tree, but his niece is preoccupied with how to make the best use of her talents. Bai Ruyue did not know that his few words had made Zhao Xiaolei sigh with emotion. Uncle, if you want to learn the ability to recognize and employ people, first of all, you must be a thorough and clear person. How to make yourself transparent? You have to read more books. The moon felt that my uncle was not in a hurry to take over the business now. What my uncle is most anxious to learn is to study hard with my father. Spend more time with Dad, learn to read, learn chess, learn to meditate.. Tell you what, my uncle will learn from my father for a year,large palm trees for sale, and then you can try to take over the business. Anyway, now each shop has a shopkeeper to take care of, a quarter, they will go back to Qinyuan to report to grandma once, usually, old Sun Tou will often go to each inspection. My uncle doesn't care. Zhao Xiaolei felt that what Bai Ruyue said was very reasonable and asked, "Do we still have to go to the shop?" Zhao Xiaolei pointed to the garment workshop opposite. Bai Ruyue said with a smile, "I've come. Of course I want to go in and have a look. But don't say I'm here to inspect. Just say I'm here to make some clothes.". My uncle should really make some clothes. In the future, he will often go out for a walk, make friends, deal with all kinds of social activities, and make more clothes for all seasons. Zhao Xiaolei looked down at his clothes, "is my clothes not good?" Bai Ruyue looked at Zhao Xiaolei's clothes, "your brocade is not bad, but this brocade is a few years ago, not this year's new." After Zhao Xiaolei got married, outdoor ficus tree ,silk olive tree, his clothes were handed over to Wu by the old lady. Obviously, Wu was not attentive to him. Zhao Xiaolei nodded and said, "Well, everything is arranged by the moon." Zhao Xiaolei stood up. "Let's go and make some clothes." Bai Ruyue then stood up, reached out to take Zhao Xiaolei's hand, and came out of the teahouse together. After coming out of the teahouse, Zhao Xiaolei looked at Bai Ruyue differently. Bai Ruyue looked up at Zhao Xiaolei and asked, "What's wrong?"? Why does the moon think my uncle is a little strange? Zhao Xiaolei said with a smile, "Uncle has spent these years in a muddle, and let Yueer worry about it. Does Yueer have a lot of business under him?" Bai Ruyue shook his head, "Not much, still a long way from the goal, the road ahead is long, and there is a long way to go." Zhao Xiaolei laughed and said, "Look at you. You're as worried as an old master. Come on, uncle, help the moon in the future." Bai Ruyue sighed and imitated Zhao Xiaolei's tone and said, "Come on, you should study hard. The mess in Grandma's hand is enough for you to be busy. How can you help me?" Zhao Xiaolei asked, What's the matter? Is there anything else besides the ready-made clothes shop in Ah Niang's hands? Only then did Bai Ruyue realize that her grandmother had not yet told her uncle about her business. Grandma is hurt these days, and there are many things in the house recently, so she hasn't had time to talk to her uncle about business. However, Grandma asked Yueer to accompany her uncle to the garment workshop today, and it was time to tell her uncle. The moon knew that in addition to the garment workshop, there was also a private bank and a pawnshop in the capital. In addition, there are industries in the south. ” Zhao Xiaolei was so shocked that he stopped and looked down at Bai Ruyue. "Moon, are there so many?" Bai Ruyue nodded, "the matter about the bank and the pawnshop is related to some past events of the Zhao family. Go back and let Grandma tell you slowly." Zhao Xiaolei nodded and took Bai Ruyue's hand into the ready-to-wear shop. Li Hai saw Bai Ruyue at a glance and hurriedly put down his work to welcome him out. "Miss, you're here." Bai Ruyue nodded and introduced to Li Hai, "This is my uncle Zhao Xiaolei. He has been ill before and has been in good health recently. Today I brought my uncle here to make some clothes." Li Hai has always been clever, listened to the introduction of Bai Ruyue, instantly understand. He hurriedly bowed to Zhao Xiaolei and said, "Hello, young master. I'm Li Hai. Please come with the young master." Zhao Xiaolei followed Li Hai to the second floor, followed by Bai Ruyue slowly. Today's Zhao's Garment Shop is three times the size it was three years ago. The old lady asked Zhao Pingan to buy two shops on the left and right. Upstairs, they opened into a room, displaying all kinds of fabrics and ready-made clothes. In addition, there was a reception room and two clothes-measuring rooms. The three backyards downstairs opened up a large courtyard, around which a row of houses were built as workshops for making clothes. Li Hai led Zhao Xiaolei to the measuring room to measure clothes. Bai Ruyue visited the hall on the second floor at will. At this time, many people came to the shop to choose clothes. That is he deserved, others did not want his life, is already in the face of Zheng Shilang. Speaking of it, how many evil things has the son of the Wanjia family done over the years, relying on the backing of the Zheng family? Not long ago, he led a gang of hoodlums to break the leg of a poor student in the Academy, that is, the devil who bullies the weak and fears the strong. Alas, God has eyes, and good and evil will be rewarded in the end. Look at this. How long has it been? His hands and feet were broken, and his tendons were picked. In this life,outdoor palm trees, the injured legs and hands, I'm afraid they can't be cured. A woman dressed in deep purple spoke quickly and passionately. A woman in blue who was looking at her clothes on the side turned her head and asked, "Are you talking about Wanjia at the Lion Bridge in the west of the city?" 。

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