Nine days of Lingwu

Although it is not difficult for Han Fei to make money.


Although it is not difficult for Han Fei to make money. The harvest of his trip to the trial canyon can reach millions of gold coins, but this kind of income can be a temporary emergency, but it is not a long-term way. The prosperity and continuity of a family can not be accomplished only by the strength of one person. Only an industry with a stable source of income can make the family healthy and prosperous, and also accommodate a large number of family children and elites to join it. But now the money-making business can be said to have been carved up by those rich and powerful families, Han Fei wants to get involved in it, not to mention the risks and difficulties, but also to offend those vested interests. This is absolutely unfavorable to the revitalization of the Korean family, and Han Fei will not be thankless. Love. And the experience and experience of past lives, plus the tulip collar, a virgin land next to the imperial capital. Gives him the perfect opportunity to find another way! Han Fei has no doubt that this territory will lay the foundation for the future millennium of the Han family in Shengjing! The first more to send, for monthly ticket support! The reader friend that still asks to have a condition is original edition is ordered again, thanked! Chapter four hundred and twenty millennium inheritance (part two) Now you can tell me. This racecourse is not used after all, is it? If you don't tell me again, "Heng Heng," when Han Fei's mind was drifting, Han Bi beat him lightly on the chest with a pink fist and said in a charming voice: "I will never talk to you again!" Han Bi is a few years older than Han Fei,Vegetable oil filling machine, so when they get along with each other, she poses as a sister. Seldom shows the charm of this little woman. Han Fei couldn't help being stupefied. Then he laughed and said, "I wanted to wait for everything to be done. Since you want to know, I'll tell you now.". "This is the future of our family," he said, pointing to the picturesque territory ahead. The so-called Lunte Course is actually the golf course of Han Fei's previous life,liquid bottle filling machine, a high-standard 18-hole course! When Han Fei first saw his undeveloped natural territory on the outskirts of the imperial capital, he had the idea that this was simply a God-given golf course, and with a little transformation, it would be a perfect golf course. The word "Langte" stands for noble activities in the common language of the mainland. It is usually used to refer to the social intercourse among the nobles. The nine days of fighting and spiritual civilization in the mainland are very prosperous, but the daily entertainment of most nobles is nothing more than banquets, salons, hunting and gladiatorial fights. It has hardly changed much for thousands of years. It is no exaggeration to say that it is monotonous. Han Fei took a fancy to this point, only to find the family's business foothold, his previous life entertainment and leisure industry is so developed, just to find a few here are absolutely refreshing. So when Han Fei took complete control of the tulip collar. He started his plan at once. Not far in front of the ring villa can be said to be a large club, one side is a golf course for aristocrats to relax, the other side is a tense and exciting racetrack, bottle blowing machine ,water bottle packaging machine, and there are large hunting grounds outside. There are regular salons, bars, dance floors, baths, sauna massage and chess and card rooms in the club, which can be said to take care of the entertainment needs of the aristocrats in all aspects. Tulip collar is only a dozen kilometers away from the Empire, and it only takes half an hour for the carriage to arrive. Aristocrats who are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city can get unprecedented fresh experience here. Han Fei is absolutely not worried that his investment will be lost. On the contrary, it will become the territory's most important long-term source of income. It also includes his ambitions, such as the golf course, which he does not intend to make much money, but this course is absolutely the best place to meet the rich and powerful aristocrats of the empire, so fresh and elegant sports will surely attract those aristocrats. And the lion's share of the revenue is, of course, the racetrack. Han Fei can completely move the experience of his previous life and make amazing profits by gambling on horses. "Gladiatorial fighting is too bloody, and it is impossible to participate in it personally. Horse racing and horse gambling are equally exciting but too elegant. There are many good horses among the rich and powerful. I think they will be very happy to show off their strength here. I can also set up high bonuses to encourage the winners, and the money comes from their bets," said Xiao Hanfei. "Around the imperial capital, Only Tulip Collar has the best conditions to accomplish all this! "Horse racing, horse betting" Han Bizi could not help but be lost in thought. Although she did not understand the meaning of the Lunt Course, it did not prevent her from making her own judgment on the racetrack. She had to admit that Han Fei's self-confidence was not without reason. Of course, we still have a lot of work to do. For example, no one knows what Lunt Ball is now. I'll invite some nobles to play. Teach them the rules, and of course, prepare enough clubs, "Han Fei continued." The blue whale shark bone beads I bought from overseas are used as Runt balls. " Looking at the confident Han Fei in high spirits. After Han Bi Suo's beautiful eyes, she seemed to see a golden road from the tulip collar shop to the imperial capital, believing that Han Fei would be able to create a new miracle! After inspecting the Lunt Course, the Villa Club and the racetrack, Han Fei returned to the castle and began to complete a very important part of the game, making clubs. As night fell, a fire was burning in a large workshop in the east of Tulip Castle, and all the blacksmiths and several founders put down their work and gathered around the workbench. This workshop has only been established for a few months. It is the exclusive workshop of Tulip Collar's territory. It is usually responsible for casting weapons, armor and so on used by warriors and warriors of the territory guard. At the same time, it also makes various items for Han's martial arts shop in Shengjing. Now the craftsmen have received a new important task. The table was covered with a large drawing, on which five rod-shaped patterns were drawn in black ink, all by Han Fei. These craftsmen have been masters for decades, from which they have made all kinds of weapons,juice filling machine, armor and living utensils, but no one can see what these patterns are painted. Swords are not like swords and spears are not like guns. They give people the feeling that they are neither fish nor fowl. They don't know what's stuck in the drawing is the golf club, with the course and the ball. How can I miss the club I want in the post.

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